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Kwan was born in Hong Kong in into a traditional Chinese banking family.

He attended King's College until the fall of Hong Kong in and joined the Chinese army as an interpreter for US forces during the war. He now lives in Toronto, Canada. These include PetroChina , which is Asia's largest company in terms of market value , and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China , the largest lender in the world based on market value. Kwan launched his career within the Hong Kong banking industry following the end of the war. The Hang Seng Index would benefit, or suffer, based on the political and economic fortunes of Hong Kong.

The Index crashed in following the oil crisis , and again in , during a political stalemate in negotiations between China and the United Kingdom over the future status of Hong Kong. Stanley Kwan retired from the banking industry and moved to Canada. He died in Toronto on December 31, , at the age of Sinn, Elizabeth. Late Imperial China , Shih Shu-ching.

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  • Zauber einer Träne (German Edition).
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  • Serie: Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Studies Series.
  • The dragon and the crown :Hong Kong memoirs /Stanley S.K. Kwan with Nicole Kwan. – National Library.
  • Journal Contents Lis.. - Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch ....
  • Serie: Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Studies Series » Bokklubben.

This was a pioneering study of the phenomena of bonded women servants and their offspring. Jaschok studies specifically the Moot family, the role of the Comprador, the feelings of the women involved, the coercion and lack of choice, the purchase of women, competition between wives and concubines and much more. She then looks at the overall trade, exactly how it took place and where it left all the participants.

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Stanley Kwan (banker)

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A History of its Urban Development

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